Why GreatsMedical?

If you have been seeking medical treatment abroad you may have noticed there are many agencies willing to facilitate your therapy. However not all mediators are created equal. Here at GreatsMedical we strive to be more than a simple mediator between supply and demand. We strive to be your partner in creating a health and wellness journey. Our goal is to act as a neutral advocate that secures you the best treatment, pricing, and vacation arrangements possible.


GreatsMedical, Your Voice, Eyes and Ears

Perhaps the most daunting thing about medical tourism is that you will be unfamiliar with the facilities, accreditations and physicians that are offered. It is imperative that you are armed with as much reliable and unbiased information as possible, so that you can receive the best care available. GreatsMedical treatment options are always designed with your personal needs and health requirements in mind.

We scout a variety of the highest quality Malaysian hospitals and physicians to provide you with the premium options in the market. Any question or concerns you may have are addressed clearly prior to your arrival in Malaysia. While most facilities will have English-speaking staff, whenever there is a need for document or verbal translation, in the preparation process, we will facilitate it. Our team is always available to address your concerns.

GreatsMedical has an extensive network of partners. In order to become an approved GreatsMedical hospital, a facility must meet the highest standards of care and patient satisfaction. We try to view all things from your perspective. Our Medical Tourism Specialists treat each treatment experience as if it were their own.

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